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Institute In A Box

This is a demo of the Institute in a Box web site. It isn't complete and the user is expected to create the bulk of the content!

The front page is expected to have some blurb like the following from the main www.inf site ...

The University of Edinburgh views Informatics as a discipline central to a new enlightenment in scholarship and learning, and critical to the future development of science, technology and society. In the age of information, computing technology is changing the ways we work and play. Informatics is changing the way we think.

The School brings together research in Computer Science, Cognitive Science, Computational Linguistics and Artificial Intelligence. It provides a fertile environment for a wide range of interdisciplinary studies, leading to this new science of Informatics.

What Now?

The original template page is still available and may contain some pointers for you.

The Banner Info page contains some information about using the example IPAB banner above.


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