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Brief notes on using the Banner with IIAB.

The Informatics Institute Theme supports a graphic image (banner) going across the top of the main content, but below the standard Informatics header.

You have to dip into the ZMI (Zope Management Interface) to be able to make use of it. The main site has the following properties that control the left and right hand sides of banner:


property description
banner_left the zope id to an image to use for the left hand side
 optional URL to make the image a live link
banner_right the zope id to an image to use for the left hand side
banner_right_url optional URL to make the image a live link


You can also create and add these properties to normal pages (again via the ZMI) so that individual pages have their own top banner. If you apply these properties to a containing directory, then all sub pages within it will have the banner due to the way Zope does it's capturing/inheritance. Note the bug below though.

It works by setting the appropriate Properties for the site, folder or page.

You need to create the images (usually in the same container as where properties are set), I'd suggest 50px high, and the total width of left and right of around 500px. If using a single full width image, then about 750px wide.


When upgrading the InformaticsInstituteTheme product, it resets the site properties for the banner back to zero. Even though I'm sure I'm saying purge="False". So if you are using this banner for the main site, please let the services unit know, otherwise if we ship an updated version of the Informatics Institute Skin, your main site banner will disappear.

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